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Removals / Packing Guide

Hints and tips for domestic moving

As the date of your removal draws near you will doubtless be asking yourself 'what should I be doing in readiness?'

The following hint and tips have been compiled by Eurovanman to answer these questions; with each point playing an important part in assisting them to provide you with a smooth and trouble free move. The following can not only be used as a working document in preparing for your move, but also as a final check list on the day before your move.

Packing and Unpacking

If Eurovanman has quoted to perform this work for you then there is little more to add, but if you have decided to do your own packing then please ensure that the containers you use are strong enough to permit stacking in the van without harming the contents, and ensure that each container is not filled above its top level which would also prevent stacking.

Consideration should be given to the number of heavy articles placed in each container, as a carton or tea chest full of books can prove impossible to move even for the strongest member of the moving team. Only half fill such containers and then top up with lighter items.

Self Assembly Furniture

With this type of furniture, dismantling and re-erection are not covered by Eurovanman Quotations. The most appropriate person to dismantle and re-assemble these fittings is the person who originally assembled them, and this work should be performed prior to the arrival of the moving team.

Attics and Lofts

The contents of attics and lofts should be sorted out and placed in a bedroom or other convenient spot, prior to the arrival of our moving team. This ensures they can see the entire scale of your move when they first arrive and prevents anything being forgotten.

Removals into Storage

If you are moving into storage, please ensure that all personal papers and documents are retained by yourself. It will prove expensive to open containers to search for a driving document or passport that is unexpectedly required.

Cookers / Washing Machines / Fridges & Freezers

These should all be disconnected prior to the arrival of our staff. The drums of automatic washing machines must be secured to avoid damage, with the proper brackets obtained from the local authorised agents.

Fridges and Freezers should be washed out with a strong solution of bicarbonate of soda and hot water - but not detergent - to avoid unpleasant odours. They should then be dried thoroughly. Our moving team are strictly forbidden by the Authorities to tamper with any mains supply.

Curtain / Blinds / Items Fixed to Walls

All of these should be taken down prior to the arrival of our moving team. Please place pictures and mirrors in a neat stack rather than placing them on an item of furniture, which may have to be removed before the pictures and mirrors are packed.


Any clothing already on hangers can remain on them as we provide special wardrobe cartons into which these clothes will be packed. All other items of clothing should be packed into suitcases as if preparing for a holiday.

Bedding and Linen

All bedding and linen should be folded and laid out on beds ready for packing if removal Services have quoted to perform.

Hi-Fi and Video Equipment

This type of equipment is best moved in its original packaging, but in any event, the record deck and pick up arm of a record player should be secured for transit in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions before our moving team arrives.

China / Glass / Ornaments & Books

Generally, chests of drawers containing clothes can be moved full - please confirm with your Eurovanman driver. China / Glass / Ornaments and Books can be left in the cupboards and on the shelves ready for our moving team to pack (if these have been included in the quotation). It is the customers responsibility to check all cupboards have been emptied.

Food Stuffs

Food stuffs cannot be removed into storage. When forming part of a direct removal from one home to another, care should be taken to ensure that any packets are held together with sellotape. If we have given you a quote to remove the contents of a freezer, these should be condensed into the minimum number of large polythene bags, so that the entire contents may be lifted out in a few seconds. This will facilitate the movement of the freezer on and off our vehicle, and the food can be put back within a few seconds rather than emptying or refilling the freezer item by item.

Contents of Garages and Garden Sheds

These should be sorted out well in advance; any rubbish discarded and tools cleaned and bundled together for ease of carrying. Under no circumstances will we move old tins of paint, creosote, paraffin, matches, gas bottles or similar items, as this completely invalidates any insurance cover you may have arranged with us. Any other containers or bottles should be securely sealed with sellotape to prevent spillage.

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